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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stormbringer:
DJ V don't even get them started on that line of thought. Hardware dongles suck - most of the time they work ok but when they don't you're screwed and can't use a product you paid over $200.00 for. That is not right. As a computer consultant I encounter these situations on an almost daily basis - sometimes with software that costs well over $3000 a copy.

What the software producers need to do is start respecting the consumers of their expensive products and forget their fancy and expensive "copy-protection"/anti-piracy schemes and just produce good software without all the tricks. I just had the nasty experience of being unable to install G2 on a client's computer whose ACER 50X CDROM drive didn't like his new "original" G2 cd (even though it read other disks fine). His original G2 disk worked fine in my CDROM Drive at home. I had to sell him a new 52X Samsung CDROM drive just to install and run G2. Boy was he pissed at Great Planes/ Knife Edge for that and I can't blame him.

Get over the paranoia of piracy folks. The disks can be copied so you wasted your money on Macrovision's Safedisk 2. In fact I can copy my original G2 disk without any problem and can use it in any of my CDROM drives at home. I use the copy instead of my legitimately purchased original G2 CD in case it gets scratched or damaged. And I know that I am not alone. Now for a piece of advice: If I were you guys at Knife Edge I would forget spending the money on Macrovision's anti-copying technology crap and put that money into refining the RealFlight Sim. You only piss off legitimate users of your products with this crap on your disk and I almost told my client to send his copy of G2 back - in fact he was ready to do so before I stepped in. Remember this: I won't hesitate to let a client send his copy back next time this happens. Maybe then you will get the message.

Don't get me wrong, I like G2. In fact, I like it alot. But that being said I hate this whole copy protection crap. It wreaks havoc with many "potential" users of your products and pisses off additional sales. The whole copy protection thing is a joke and you need to know it. All PC CD's can be copyied!!! And don't think they can't. Don't waste your money on this crap. Instead give us a better/more refined product in the future. If not I will be downloading and installing FMS's freeware rc flight sim for future clients and shy them away from RF.[/quote]
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