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Well, that's the second way I already explained in the tutorial.

There is a faster way getting out our objects out of the .x - file - folder hierarchy:

When you open your exported x. - file from gmax, directly save it without changes as .3ds - file. When the "3D - Studio - Mesh - Export - Properties" - dialog box appear, deactivate the option "Save hierarchy" and click "Ok".

Close and re-open the saved .3ds - file in Deep Exploration. You will now recognize that all folders have disappeared. And you can directly begin to set up hierarchy for the aircraft, as it is needed. But keep in mind, that you must activate this option again, when you are exporting to a .3ds - file you are also want to export to a .kex - file. If you don't do this the .kex - exporter won't accept your .3ds - file, saying "file has no nodes".

Also keep in mind, that when you re-open the exported .3ds - file in Deep Exploration, nearly every object ist getting an "Axis[Number]" - folder, which is possibly necessary, that Deep Exploration is able to handle Pivots/Nodes. Don't take this file to make changes, cause every re-saveing of the file, will lead to new sub-folders, which are possibly more or less the reason for the generated DUMMY - Objects in the .kex - file.
The problem is, that you cannot work further more with your generated .3ds - file because the sub - folders will remain. You can again disable saving hierarchy, but that lead to the problem, that you have to rearrange everything from the beginning.

But thanks for the info. When I find time, I will implement the information with screenshots, so it's more easy to understand it.

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