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Originally Posted by Kennyptho
can you land it? and if so whats your speed? and are your engines still running after you have landed?
Actually I'm in the process of trying to re-do the physics.

The wing loading is about right in your version for a real scale airplane (HEAVY PLANE!) but it may be too much for REAL RC models which are built with about 1/4 or less of military loading ratios, hence my comment at the landing speed.

Much too fast for an scale RC craft, but fun to play with. Then of course we DO like those unrealistic edits, so I'm not really complaining.

G3 also doesn't scale plane physics very well past 150% or so.

BTW: Great idea with the leading edge foils.

I'm trying to see if both the leading edge and the trailing edge foils can be handled as traveling on movable pods to get more authentic performance.

Just scaling the dimensions more accurately and adding winglets, etc. gives a far more realistc response to control inputs already.

The flap pods are going to be fun...