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This will probably be a long, ongoing effort because the skills needed to pull it off are well beyond my current capabilities at modeling. I'm also constrained by the 3 views I have. More on that later. But for some reason, I really love this aircraft, even though it isn't particularly well known. And thus, I want to give it a try.

Some links:

Among other things, this plane has the distinction of being the Red Baron's first official kill. It occurs prominently in his kill list, especially in the early days.

A later version of the aircraft, the FE2d also has the distinction of shooting the Red Baron down. He was seriously wounded as a result.

My biggest need is a better set of 3 views. There is a poor 3 view in the one link above. And the one link has an excellent view from the side. But a higher quality 3 view all drawn by the same draftsman would be a huge help.
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