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Paint & other stuff

I took the day off today, and played a little with the paint shop. To me, the flight model is the crux of the issue and I can say that the Pro model of yours is "hard" just the the real heli so I assume the "stock" model is also representatively easier never having flown one.

I also took the heli out to "the big field" this morning and find that the CP Pro is probably not as good an aircraft to "slam around the sky" as you would a plane.

The planes go faster and on the upside, they become more stable. You only need to keep them from heading at the ground and everything is okay.

No matter how fast or slow the heli goes, it -always- wants to depart flight. Man you need to babysit that thing. ;-)

Different strokes, I'm still enjoying my CP even though it's hovering that I'll do the most. Just one fixed wing modelers opinion.

I did have a guy come upto me today, was driving a sand truck and said he flew double rotor heli's in the army. I was so proud to show him how sophisticated this cool little model is!