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Originally Posted by Fly_electric View Post
After looking at a few float planes and not finding any clues, I finally made a simple test float plane. With no C-meshes, it-- like others-- took off water ok. Then on to C-mesh land.

Could have made the one for the fuselage a simple polygon, but just made it from a copy of the fuselage (all parent/child links deleted before the copy per standard practice), and scaled it out slightly so the fuselage is fully enclosed. It then takes a bit more power to get airborne.

Thinking about all the working planes have low frontal area and the wide shape of the FS-1, I scaled the float plane C-mesh a bit excessively on the x-axis. Now, even at full throttle, the plane never gets above 20 mph. Drop the width back to its lower frontal area, and the plane lifts off the water just fine.

So, it looks like the C-mesh frontal area is the culprit, and as the FS-1 is as it is in width, I'll just stay with it as a land based plane. Thanks legpman for your earlier comment on the C-mesh width-- it was indeed the issue. Not crazy about the delay time it took to figure this one out, but then I did learn more about the characteristics of RF. If there was an optional "water friction" factor for C-meshes, things would be different.

If I've missed something in the investigation, please let me know-- we all learn from shared information.

Enjoy a great weekend and new week.
Originally Posted by Fly_electric View Post
To look realistic, the FS-1 has to float ~halfway in.
If it was raised up on any kind of float for water clearance it would look odd.
Not saying I won't revisit and try some more later, but the FS-1 has already been delayed too much, so it's back to resuming work on the land based model.
I would try tunneling out the frontal area of the collison mesh and basicly make it a tube so it has a top bottom and sides but no front and back
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