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If you don't get any specific reply's here. If you haven't already, check out the KE main page for information on RF G2 system requirements. Just go the the page that you were at before coming to this disscussion board. To really be on the safe side you could contact support via email or phone. Links to them are also located on the KE main page. If you call them by phone, I suggest that you have your cpu running. They could probably take you step by step to check the componants etc. that are on your computer to see if it will run RF G2. From the info you gave, to me looks like it should run RF G2 but if anything, your video graphics, if its "onboard" and "shared video", you "might" have issue's. But again, if you didn't already, check out the information provided by KE and to be really on the safe side, maybe contact support.
Them guys are the experts........
Good luck,
PS, In your directX diagnostic Tools, the one you got to via the "dxdiag",
if you didn't already check the "more help" then "msinfo", you should.
Also, If you go to your computer manufacturer's site with the model number of your cpu you should be able to find out what was originally installed on your computer. Looks like your computer should run RF G2 as long as you have a decent video card and I guess even if you just had onboard video, I'm "guessing", as long as its over 32mb of video ram, I can't see why your cpu shouldn't be able to run RF G2.
Sorry I guess I should have rewrote this reply, but I guess I'm getting lazy
you should be able to make heads or tails of it the way its written.

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