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People who are complaining about RF8 are few and far between. Everyone I have talked to who has tried it prefer it over 7.5. Physics are different, for the better. Helicopters and planes fly better than in 7.5. This is worth the price of the upgrade. The poly limit being raised almost 5 fold for content creators is HUGE. definitely makes it worth the upgrade. Then there is the VR.... Also worth it for 99 bucks and less if you use a coupon, I had a 15% coupon from tower. Then there are the multirotors from the Drone Edition and their flight controllers we have access to in the editor. I definitely want to play around with those controllers in unorthodox aircraft to see what they can and can't do...

To say it's a 7.75 upgrade is just a uninformed comment since it is definitely much more than that. Just as 5 was different from 4.5 and 6 was different from 5.5 etc....
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