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Windows 10 Problems

I am trying to use a old RF classic that I originally bought new years ago with windows 10. I finally got the program to open but I am have some issues and sort them out. Thanks in advance for any help with this.

When opening I first get a warning. "There is lees than 1592.4mb free space left on your drive. You should clear up at least 20mb for best performance".

Once I click ok, the programs starts to open and I get a error: One or more of the parameters passed to the function are incorrect. File: L:\recflight\KELibRun\directdraw\DXDirectInput.cpp Line 574.

Once I click ok on that one, I get error. Error initializing joystick interface. Once I click for that the program looks to somewhat open.

I am using the original serial control and usb adapter that I used years ago. It does not appear to be linked up, as I see no response when trying to calibrate. It uses a radio shack adapter and I have tried all 4 settings on it.

Any help would be great thanks.
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