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Originally Posted by asj5547 View Post
I intend to get a 2080 soon, but like you I am trying to find comparable data on the performance with games/simulators, I guess the 2080 is backwards compatible with software.
Yeah no doubt it's totally backwards compatible but I'm waiting to see what the real numbers are when they release some review cards. But from the slides nvidia released the 2080 is right at 50% faster than the 1080 in 4K games, but what does that mean for less demanding games. You must be very good with tech stuff since you build your own computers so you know about CPU and GPU dependencies. So on some games if they're very heavy on CPU usage the frame rate doesn't really change with more graphics horsepower. And like you found out on one of my planes after I added a collision mesh to it and your frame rate didn't change much. If the graphics card is pushing the frame rate as fast as the CPU can push it more graphics horsepower doesn't make a faster frame rate. I worked at two different 3d graphics card companies so I know this stuff pretty well I just ask opinions because I want to know what another persons thoughts are. But I'm glad you shared with me you plan on buying a 2080, which means to me you're thinking more graphics power is needed for RF-X than the 1080 is giving you. That pretty much seals it that I'll get the 2080. Thanks.

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