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i just did some digging around and here is what i found; 2 disc package for real flight 3, disc for g5 upgrade, and i did the free online up to 5.5, all 5 discs for add ons 1-5, a disc for expansion pack 1 and a disc for expansion pack 2, so sounds like starting over on a new pc i wont need the 5 add on discs? i can download those for free here once up and running, since i have the disc cases i do have serial numbers , so do i have to start from the begining by loading 3, then 5, then online update, then my 2 expansion packs and the free add ons? and eventually after all that once i run it and it puts a folder in my docs, open that and paste all the stuff i copy from same folder on old pc? should i literally open that folder and select all? or just a few things from there , maybe i can take a screenshot of that when i get on my desktop to show you whats all in there, i just dont want to send something to new set up that may mess things up
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