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okay that sounds good, it will save some time ....i was all set to make a purchase but after reading some stuff on here about graphics card i may modify my decision, it was an amd dual core 3.9ghz and 8g ram, but it says onboard graphics radeon hd 7480d, seen good reviews and some soso ones, what im debating now is that it does not have on board memory on the card, other than that it looks like a nice system and it has a good price, there is a link to specs on the still looking around but this one is at the top of my list currently, even if some say it doesnt play games as good as dedicated systems, i think it will be a huge improvement for me on a old anthlon 1.8ghz with 2g ram, i cant even use smoke on real flight while hovering cause once a cloud forms it starts freezing and being jerkey ....anyway im going decide pretty soon.....
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