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Originally Posted by Bellah1z View Post
Ok BTW this is flat screen not VR ..yet

Went back to all default clock speeds on full high graphics setting (No bloom).

The game still looked great but had the plane holdback (its not a freeze as the game keeps running in the background as when it restarts time jumps forward but your plane is in the same place. It was so bad in the circuit I ran out of time there were so many holdbacks. So it's not the overclocking so far...

I then dialled all the graphics to minimum with no overclock and then with overclock and still getting the freezes.

Here is something interesting is that on HWINFO it shows cores 0 t 6 with virutally less than 5% usage but core 7 is maxed out and totally bound at 100% even on low graphics.

Bugger as I fly real aircraft and RC aircraft this is a lot of fun this game.
Sorry, I read that wrong. I thought it was crashing only in VR. I just tried both VR and non-VR and everything worked fine. In VR I do get a bit of headset screen flashing while the scenario loads but it seems to work fine after this.

The only bug I've noticed so far is that the HUD does not show up in VR. Same as with the first version and RFX. RF probably needs to add an overlay in VR, or something?

I still think it may be worthwhile to crank down your CPU overclock. Usage does not mean much, it's more of a system stability issue that too much OC can cause. I'm not a PC expert so I could be wrong.
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