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Originally Posted by jeffpn View Post
Money does not matter. That's funny! You can be the first person ever to buy 3DS Max ($3,500) just to make free models for Real Flight. I don't think you're telling your whole story.

Boof may be correct that you may as well learn to model using 3DS Max if you have no prior modeling experience, but there are no "cross platform headaches" if you know what you're doing. And someday you might be glad you know how to model in Wings 3D.
I have helped a few people with "Headaches" from going between the two including yourself. You have had broken verts and shading errors from the OBJ or 3ds exchanges.

Learning Wings3D means you need to know it and some things in Max too. It just seems like bad advise to recommend two programs instead of one. Bottom line is Max can do it all including the export. I can't think of a good reason to know Wings too. Wings is a great program don't get me wrong but for RF models It can only model and map. Now that we all know 3DS Max can be had for free I can't in good conscience recommend anything else.
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