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Originally Posted by Madratter View Post

And the bottom line is unless you use Blender and it's script for creating KEX (which I don't recommend for a number of reasons - been there done that).
I couldnt agree more. Not only are you limited to using one version for the export, you also can't use the newer versions since they aren't compatible with the older. If a new script were to be created, it could actually be a close runner up to max. It is a very powerful program, but as it is now, its power cant be used.

From a person that has used them all, I do prefer using max just because of the file exchange problems that Boof69 has mentioned. Unlike Jeff, my problems affected my work visually. Max can be more intimidating than wings because of the user interface.
That's why I mentioned wings to begin with. As I just stated, Blender has issues with the exporter being compatible with the newer versions, and the older ones are just, well, not very friendly to put it nice.
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