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I will
Send me the hotel reservation confirmation and plane tickets (round trip from texas) a $150 a day stipend (in advance) 3 days minimum and don't forget the rent-a-car to get to the field and back to the airport when I leave ,let me know the dates so I can make arrangement's with my employer.....and I'll get right on that....
All kidding aside csgill is correct

Really unless someone in Jacksonville has RF and knows how to make a photo field
you're going to have to learn how yourself
the links csgill provided will give you everything you need to try it but the camera and tripod
" Can Someone make a ?....? for RF 7"
Do you really know what you're asking for?.... its not like you request and 12 0r 24 hours later someone excretes a new model out their backside

Do you have even the slightest idea how much work is required to bring a descent new model into RF?......50 to 100 hours is the average..and sometimes that does not even include the time spent editing up to 6 separate photo shop files required for a quality Color Scheme which could be as much as an additional 20-40 hours easy (key word here is: Quality )
BTW. ....a photo field can mean many, many hours of work as well ,time /travel ,taking the shots ,stitching the shots , placing all of the depth buffers (collision Objects)correctly and realistically in the scene etc.

Keep in mind that you are asking a total stranger to do all of that.... for a total stranger in his "Spare" or "free" time for sometime not even a thank you when they are done ...its a hard sell no doubt
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