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RF7 CAN work with the E-flite LPD5DSM transmitter that comes with Blade CX-2

After an initially disappointing experience trying to fire up RF7 with my LPD5DSM transmitter that came with my Blade CX-2 Helicopter, I finally stumbled onto the solution. A slight modification to the transmitter makes it compatible. Here is the video I found on youtube:

This modification affects the trainer port only, and does not compromise the transmitter's normal use with the helicopter.

The symptom I got before the mod was that with the interface plugged into the transmitter, the transmitter would not even power up when turned on, and that the batteries got pretty warm to the touch. RF7 complained that no authorized controller was found. It turns out that the trainer port on the transmitter has power to it, and is expecting a 3 conductor plug to be plugged into it. The two conductor plug of the interface does indeed short out the power of the transmitter.

This same solution may be applicable to other transmitters that exhibit the same symptoms. Try at your own risk, of course.
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