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Futaba 8FG

I hope someone can help. I received RF7 interface as a Christmas gift from my wife. She is pretty upset that I have not had any success in getting it to work. I am getting frustrated myself.
I installed the software on a Win7, 64-bit machine. Software loaded and updated, I assume, without issue. I connected the interface and Win7 told me it was loading drivers and that the device was loaded successfully. I connected my Futaba 8FG, powered on and started RF7. RF7 then reported no valid controller found. Needless to say, I tried several different things to remedy the issue without success. Today, I installed it to an XP machine thinking that it could not handle the 64-bit. Same message displayed, no valid controller found. I pulled down my old 9C radio. I connected it to the interface and the same message was displayed.
I do not believe there is a bad interface because, in device manage, I can see when I connect and disconnect the interface. That tells me the drivers are loading. I do not know where else to turn.
I did email KnifeEdge last Thursday and I am still waiting for a reply. If you can offer assistance, it will be appreciated.
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