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Originally Posted by Seabrook View Post
Hi everyone!

I am not new to the forums, but created a new account, so I apologize if this question has been asked before, but it did not search as I have little to no time to scan the forums for answers with being a college senior in aerospace engineering.

Then why bother ? ...if you cant find the time to search the forum ......when are you going to find time to use RF? or search for RF and then submit bids, probably more than once
at ebay ??
Originally Posted by Seabrook View Post
I was thinking about getting a deal on a controller and then upgrading to rf7..

Thanks everyone for your help!
But There's a bird in your intake ....a a fly in your ink if you will... ......

it really wont be a deal in the long run .... It will be more expensive than you think
Because You can not buy just the interlink at ebay
because to buy an interlink on ebay will require that you must also buy the software of whatever version that interlink is being sold with
As the seller must or should know .....the discs would literally become useless and unsellable if he sold you the just the interlink
and will not split them
And if its say....a 3.5 interlink plus ........
its already been said by KE that it could very well become useless with the very next RF7 update or the one after that or not ?
And even if it 5.o or 6.0
Add the cost of an upgrade to 7 and you're gonna end up spending as much as a new full fledge RF7 interface/interlink or field radio package anyhow
may as well get a new link with RF7 instead of a used one ....going to ebay is not really a viable option in your situation
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