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Originally Posted by Ryan Douglas View Post
I closed the door a little too firmly on the idea of an airport editor. It is more accurate to say that we don't have a tool we can share with users right now, and support for custom vehicles is our current focus, but the ability to create and edit airports is also something we would like to offer at some point.

theluthier, airports from previous versions of RealFlight are not importable at this time.

12oclockhigh, I will file a feature request case for the idea of a heli training layout.

As far as what kinds of airports exist, they cover things like updated versions of Flight School and Joe's Garage, an FPV racing course, R/C fields, mountainous terrains, and slope soaring sites.

I suggest visiting and clicking the Aircraft and Flying Sites tabs for more info. The site has been updated with high resolution preview images.
Well, thank you for all your hard work, but I'm not paying 99 bucks for something that, save for a new graphics and physics engine, is actually less developed than rf7.5.
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