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Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on my (almost) DC-4 (build) I really appreciate it. The truth is I don't want to specify, justify, or explain a model I'm working on I just want to create my version of it. A bit off here and there but still very much a DC-4. Ha.. how close to perfect is those foam planes everyone flies these days. I haven't been able to get back to the 'Airliner' yet so it's just sitting there. But hopefully I'll get back to it because it would be a cool plane and I'd probably move it up to a 200 inch wingspan so it has that large presence sitting on the runway.

You know back in the day a plane like that would have inverted single engines with a cutout in the bottom of the cowl for the engine to stick out of, and I gave some thought into doing the same thing instead of having my typical radials in the engine bay. I know the radials look good in there but in reality who would spend 8 to 10 thousand bucks on the engines. I know I couldn't afford to do that. Just a thought I do like seeing those radials in the engine bays.
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