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Controller options

I bough the RF basic and the first that I noticed is that I cannot setup the controller to match my current setup. I have an Ares 370 that currently does not have aerilons - that is an optional add-on for this particular model.

So, right now, my Ares 370 controller (it came with the model) is a 3 channel setup that uses rudder control and elevator on the right stick. The left stick is throttle.

Every model in the basic including the high wing slow flyers are all setup for 4 channels, except for the Flyzone (dont quote me I am not in front on the PC right now). The Flyzone is really slow and does not fly like my Ares.

As far as I can tell, there is only the option to switch from Mode 1 to 2.

I want to make the simulator experience as real as possible, so I am guessing my only option is to add the aerilons to my plane?
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