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Originally Posted by TomC View Post
OK, I was going to say I hope you were not running Lasso. That's junk software imho and I think you would be best to get rid of it. Just let Windows handle these things. Could also be the reason for your lower than expected performance with RF8/9.

Anyway, good to know it's working better now. I'd still keep your overclocking to a minimum though so your CPU lasts longer.

Please quit editing previous posts (just start a new one if necessary) because I don't normally go back to these. Your PS about XP11 guys using Lasso has pretty well been debunked by Laminar. The current findings is that XP11 works best with muli thread optimisation on or auto and this will def be the case once Vulcan is incorporated before the end of the year. I think if you uninstall Lasso and just let Windows manage things you will find things will overall work better. Up to you mate.
I agree that Process Lasso is dunked for Xplane 11 on its own and p3D but it certainly increases my frame rates in VR. What I do is assign 4 cores to the sim and 4 to other processes like steam and other VR specific processes. The debunking dealt with the idea that multithreading was inefficient so you locked it to one core, I agree that is a waste of time now but it did not deal with assigning cores between VR processes and the sim. Anyway I don't know why Lasso decided to bind it to just one core and it was not something I had done. Lasso was on because I had been using xplane in VR and I had forgot to shut it down. I strictly only use it for VR in less than optimised multi core programs like x plane and P3D and I have never used it for Realflight.

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