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Originally Posted by csgill75 View Post
Here's a couple more that might peak your fancy

There's probably a couple more that I am missing, but with that list i gave you plus what is already in the sim, you can probably have a pretty active hanger over the winter months.

Indeed! I typically model/fly single seat WWI scouts, and predominantly German .. but .. I do enjoy flying the British and French offerings as well. I don't have any of those in my actual RC model hanger though, as everything I have is German! With your help/suggestions, I currently have these giant scale gas planes in my RF6.5 sim hanger:

1/3 Albatros DVa
1/3 Fokker Dr.I
1/3 Fokker DVIII ( graphics need some tweaking, but it flies very well! )
1/4 Airco DH2
1/4 Fokker EIII/Eindecker
1/4 Fokker DVII
1/4 Sopwith Camel

Now, with this very nice list of additions!, I will immediately add the Bristol M1 and the RAF F.E.2B! I will also add the Bristol F.2B .. because .. I actually had a 1/5 scale RC model of this plane. I picked it up at a swap meet!, and had it for a few years before selling it. I'll attach a couple pics as you might get a kick out of seeing the model. I am very curious to see how the sim F2B fly's compared to the actual model! THANKS for putting all those up!

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