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Only had this since Thursday and fed up with it already

Trying to register and update I get
Keerror 12218 Error reading from socket etc
12228 HTTP response missing expected header
21023 unable to register

I've enabled the launcher and the main program in my firewall program and also tried turning firewall and virus protection all off without result (except exposing my PC to infection/ attack).

I've downloaded and installed the new launcher without result

I've e-mailed support without result

This is an expensive piece of software to be unregisterable and incapable of up upgrade. Looking on this board I'm not alone in having these problems and although the comments about people using their Pc on a network (gasp) or a firewall(two gasps) might have been tenable in 1999 they really don't fly today.

Can anyone throw light on this issue, provide a work aroud to register/download the latest version or do I take it back and warn everyone I know?

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