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To jeffpn:

I understand your last comment, however I also understand that a lot of people, still post requests here, so I will check here ounce in a while. What I really mean by this though, is that I do check forum threads, regardless of their names. Even though this thread is a good idea, there are still people who post requests here because they do not read. It doesn't mean that I will completely ignore them, especially not if they give all three if not more views for the aircraft!

I didn't know it was a joke, my bad, and I will say that. Sorry for that, but it did not come across that way. I understand where you where coming from.

I read your Private Message, and I did respond. I do not want to start off on bad terms here, but to be honest, this is one of the worst welcomes I have gotten from any board. There are a lot of good people, including yourself jeffpn, however, I am not intent to join a board, and post content, where we have fights over who speaks for who!

My intentions where not to get into this fight, so I plan to not stay for long.

To thegibson:

His explanation is not regarding modelers, he is merely stating his reasons for his actions. tnortorn already said this. Also, if you are displeased with the way jeffpn posts in this Forum, please fight, or rather I say, talk this out with him via Private Message. Or better yet, just ignore it!
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