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Actually I ran into this recently.

It has NOTHING to do with the wheels nor the number of wheels.

It has everything to do with Torque Transfer (if I recall correctly).

The PC-21 had this problem.

Apparently what happens is that with the high revolution jet & turbing engines, the torque transfer parameters doesn't scale like it does for a prop plane.

As a result the G3 transfers the engine torque into a sort of "down thrust" on the wheels. Yeah strange I know.

This was also causing the PC-21 to nose in once it did start rolling.

I found that scalling the Torque transfer DOWN in proportion to the mid to max engine RPM's took care of this.

Also the opposite problem occurs (plane is on ICE) if the wheels are far too thin.

A lot of models have the wheel widths set too low.

You could also "fudge it" and set the wheel widths thinner on the 747 to fix the problem as well.

I was going to work on this plane after I get done with another new exciting plane project someone handed me to work on....

Now if someone could explain to me the few remaining physics editor parameters that I cannot figure out....