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Let me shed some light on the direction my mind is wandering in.
On the out side, pick 1, the object appears to be solid, but as modelers know, when you stick you're head inside an object, it is not solid, pick2.
I would like to see some one make a test object, that has been intruded from the bottom, pick3. Before you intrude, you can only select faces on the outside, because the faces don't exist on the inside of an object. However, when you intrude, two things you will notice. The first is you can now select faces on both sides of an object; the second thing you will notice is the polie count doubles.
This does not make the face solid, it simply add inner faces. I think when you stick the hook through a face; it has little or no strength. To have strength, you need to lift against the outside of the edge/object. Further the strength factor is only part of strength, the other part is weight. Leading me to think that the area to be used to lift with must necessarily have some weight, in order to have strength.
This is what happens with no weight and no strength.
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Fly it like it is made out of rubber
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