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Gee Bee R2

Hi folks.

Does anyone have any experience with the Great Planes Gee Bee R2? I want to purchase the model and have become proficient in flying both the RF version and a modified version in which I upped the weight of the model to more closely mimic the 38oz/ft. sq. wing loading of the real thing.
The videos linked on the Tower Hobbies website for this airplane show a GB R2 whose flight characteristics belie the accuracy of the physics of the RF version. Especially the slow flight regime. Either that or the pilot in the video is wary of slowing the airplane down for landing or knows he'd better not!
If anyone has any imput regarding this model and how it compares with the RF simulation I would appreciate very much hearing from you.
I've searched the forum and there doesn't seem to be any discussion on this topic.


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