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You could think of it this way. If you have the disk for the original RF and RF Deluxe and G2. If you ever for whatever reason wanted to go back to either the RF original or RF Deluxe versions of RF, you could. Also, so far with the RF original and RF Deluxe and G2 installed on my computer. When starting up G2, the sim hasn't yet asked for me to insert either of the original disk. Now if it did ask me to insert the disk every time that I ran G2, that might be a pain in the behind after a while. I also personnally think of it this way. I'm so happy with the way that G2 came out, that even if I had to go through the hassles of having to insert the original disk everytime I wanted to run G2, it just wouldn't bug me. I'm personnally convinced that KniefEdge put in a ton of money and time to get this G2 sim up and running. I personnally don't want to do anything to put any pressure on them at this time. Give them time to recoop some of the money they invested, then maybe press them on these type's of issue's.
Yea, G2 isn't exactly what you call cheap, but I personnally feel that every last cent that I spent on G2 was more then worth it. Just my own personnal point of view.

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