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Yes, you could do that in order to use the sound profile you created with a motor that revs higher, and RealFlight would avoid having to drastically adjust the sample rate for that top sample, which is what causes the problems I described above.

It would sound "right" quality-wise. Like you said, at full throttle (say, 10000 RPM), you would hear the sound of the motor you recorded at its full throttle (1900 RPM). You would essentially be stretching the sound profile to cover a wider RPM range.

It would not sound correct, however. One thing you're not taking into account is that the sound of two different motors operating at the same RPM have different character--sometimes very different--but they actually have the same pitch. So the motor running at 10000 RPM would sound like it was only turning 1900 RPM.

You might be happy enough with the results. You should try it out and see what you think. Just be aware of the compromise you're making.
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