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Thanks Jose!

I really like this GMS .76 engine I have. Once it was broken in, it starts easily by hand, idles as long as I want it too, has huge power, and sounds it too when flying.

Well, I searched around for audio tachometers on the web. I found three. One was for desktop use, and two were Android app's.

Ryan stressed in his post that accurate RPM numbers for the sample files will make or break a project.

I found two of the three softwares did not work. The one Android paid app, does work. It's a bit fiddly, and not rock steady, but it gives me something to work with instead of guessing.

So, my guessing was not off all that much. But I re-did the sound profile with the samples renamed to the RPM figures I extrapolated from the audio tachometer. I made another Fraps video, and then played them alternating one after the other at close representative clips. After listening to them several times it did seem like the later version sound profile was a little more accurate, in particular when the engine was being accelerated.

I have added the GMS 76 to the "Simple Flier" model which everyone who owns RealFlight should have a copy of. It will be on the swaps shortly.
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