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Originally Posted by NigelR View Post
My FPS comparisons have all been with..

Model: Gaui X7
Field: High Desert RC Field
version 1.0042
motion blur off

At 4K I get 45 FPS with the model sat on the ground.
I don't know if you have FRAPS but you can use it to get a much better picture of your performance than looking at the FPS. You can press a key and it will save the FPS each second during your flight and then when you press the key again it will save some files to your hard drive that you can look at to see the FPS for each second of the flight. I normally use Microsoft Excel and chart the flight so I can really see what's going on. Then you can do the same thing on several airfields since each one of them hits the graphics card different. Even different parts of the field will give you different results. I normally fly a bit at the airfield and then use the nose camera view to fly all around the area to get the best benchmark of the whole field. I wish there was a way to create a time demo like lots of games have so it would be repeatable.
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