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Is there any information on the next RF-X update?

It may seem odd to say this given the amount of criticism I've leveled towards RF-X, but I'm a fan of it and it can be a great RC simulator if it receives updates to fix the problems nearly everyone has mentioned. So I'm wondering if the KE crew can give us some information about the next update. And I'll put a list of some of the things I'd like to see, and I'm sure most would be echoed by lots of people.

1. Serious Frame Rate improvements. As in a GTX 1070 would average 100 fps in all of the flying fields.

2. At least one really good lake for float flying with a really nice level of buildings and docks around. That would be a great improvement. Of course with that comes the water physics being as good or better than RF 7.5.

3. Modifications to the rendering engine so you can have an airplane that looks like it's covered with glossy monokote. I removed by models from the beta share thread because they clearly didn't look as good in RF-X as they did in RF 7.5. Which is a shame because lots of RC models still look old school with glossy monokote.

So guys please give us an update so we know where you're headed.
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