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Jenny Engines and Radiators...

For those interested in All The Nuances, this is not a perfect explanation but it will get you more than halfway there....

The Original Curtiss OX-5 engine was often called an accident waiting to happen...1912-1915 engine technology, exposed valve gear, REALLY primitive fuel and ignition systems, leaky water pump right above the carb.....eeesh!

By the middle-late 1920's, the OX-5 was obsolete and spares were getting hard to find....Hispano-Suiza had several popular, reliable airplane engines on the market, and many (most?) Barnstorming, Mail Carrying, and early Passenger Service Jenny's were eventually re-fitted with one...

Basically, if you see a Jenny with exposed valve gear (springs, levers shafts etc) sticking out in the open, its an OX-5 engine....if you see a modern-looking valve COVER on the engine, its a "Hisso"

Lots of Restored Jennys run with a "period correct" Hisso instead of an absolutely, 100% "factory correct" OX-5 power-plant, simply because there are more vintage Hisso engines out there...

As for 3-d modeling of the engine, go with the Hisso....gotta be easier to render (and paint!) and the valve gear would not be that noticeable anyway!

Radiators.....The Jenny Radiator was brass, with a rounded top and a noticeable filler neck and cap. The sides and bottom were flat, matching the "squareness" of the fuse cowling...

There are vintage pictures (and real-life restorations) that have rounded/oval shaped radiators, but thats not original... they tend to show up in later Jennys with replacement engines...for instance, the Rhinebeck Jenny runs a Hisso and round bottom radiator. Was the flat-side radiator too small to begin with, or do the Hissos need more cooling area?

I dont know, but it looks a little funny to me from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

I like the original flat-sides, because all the models I built as a kid were that way!
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