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Originally Posted by legoman View Post
Looks good. Something I noticed was that the line on the fuselage between the flat side and the round tops looks bent. Also it you plan on going crazy with detail, some of the rings on the fuselage may need to be consolidated or deleted.
I knew something was up when I posted the update last night, but it was 3:21 am so I needed to stop and get some sleep. I looked at it this morning and the last couple of bulk heads were too high. What happened is when I selected each bulkhead and then turned the fuselage so I could align the top with the bulkheads on the plan the last two bulkheads were too high. When I did that I tried to get them close as I went but knew I'd have to go back and fix them later. Anyway I fixed them this morning and will post a picture right down the line with the hstab on that side removed. There was also some distortion in the render angle too because even though this one is perfectly straight when I tried the same render angle I did last night it still looked off just a bit, not like before but not perfectly straight like this angle shows. Anyway it's fixed. Thanks for reminding me about it.

As for the rings on the fuselage (bulkheads) they're all at points where the fuselage outline changes on the bottom so it seems they're all needed. And they all align with the bulkheads on the plan. And as you can see from the segments on the hstab and vstab I used a lot of them to get a really nice curve. I could have used less but I like the smooth curve I get this way. But it sure would be nice if RF 7.5 had a 40k limit instead of 27k.
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