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Download Recording from Swaps

Downloading a Recording From the Swaps, is done the same as an aircraft, or airfield file.
You can Access these Instructions, on any Download Page, by Clicking on the Yellow Question Mark? Here's What you'll get:

Note: In the "Open" window Next to, "Look In", you need to be on "Download" to find the file you wish to Import. Into RF
If its not on Download: Click on "Computer", or "This PC">Open>Download>Open.
Then click on your (Recording) file>Open

Once Imported, You should be able to find your Recording File, Via this Path: Documents>Realflight7>Recordings.

To Run your Recording in the RealFlight Program: Click Recordings, in the Main Menu>Open Recordings. If its a newly installed Recording you will have to use the Open Recordings Option. This will open up the "Open" window again. In the "Look In" window, this time, you want Recordings Click on your Recording>Open
Note If the "Look In" window inside the "Open" window, does not say Recordings:
Click on "Computer", or "This PC">Open>Documents>Open>RealFlight7>Open> Recordings>Open>your Recording File>Open. Your recording should now run.
Note: Once your file has been run, it should show up in the MRU (most recently used) list, In the Recordings Drop Down Menu. The next time you access the recording will be much easier.
Note: Running Recordings in 3D fields, allows you more camera options. From the Recorded Planes view, and from your Loaded Flying Planes View, Ground Views and Aerial Views.
Toggle H on your keyboard for Keyboard Commands, for a bunch of options. Movement, camera views, etc.
Toggle C for alternate camera views.
Heres printable version of Keyboard Commands:
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