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Well I wanted to clarify the controller issue before investing money into Phoenix ... that was when I assumed I needed to spend like 130€ for a v5.5 (which is extremely difficult to buy over here btw.). Now I learned that I could as well buy some old version from eBay since every old version can be updated to v5 (and thus to v5.5 and v6.0).
Anyway, I already tried to install the v5.5 from the FTP server and updated it to v6.0g. Of course I can't use it yet as I don't have the dongle yet (I'm looking at eBay auctions for a v4 right now). Anyway, there is a dialog options visible in "Systems->Your Transmitter" that says "Choose a radio or game-controller to use". That makes me optimistic that indeed I could just plug the dongle in some USB port but use my Interlink. Can't really try it unless I will win an auction which might take at least a few days.
Can't wait to try it out though. Though I read bad thing about the airplane physics in v5, there is a nice indoor field (gym) and a couple of interesting planes. Also the airport/photofield editor has some features I always wanted to have in RF.
Then again, as far as I can tell from my "extended demo" the v6.0g looks like a minor update to me not like that big new VR ready release that some people expected.

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