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Originally Posted by 0xdeadbeef View Post
Thanks, good to know. Now I hope I can get a cheap copy of V4 or so just to get the dongle.
While it's cool to see that v6 is obviously open to anyone who ever bought Phoenix, it's also somewhat sad that v6 obviously isn't that big step forward that many people expected. Well, expect for those wanting to use an USB controller of course
I've been watching this update from Phoenix and have to agree with you, if it's a free upgrade for everyone they can't make much money on it so it may not be improvement everyone wants to see. I'm sure you can present a 3d world with good quality better than RF-X. Before I retired I worked for the graphics department for 3Dfx, Cirrus Logic, and Pixel Semiconductor back in the early days of 3D Graphics and at one point we had to contract a 3D engine specialist that knew how to code the engine for the best performance, lots of assembly language routines to get the best frame rates. Sometimes you need to spend some bucks to get where you want to go.

I'm really hoping the long time this next RF-X update is taking will bring faster frame rates and engine improvements to remove some of the rendering artifacts I see when the frame rates are barely staying at vsync. And water physics and a lake field or two. I'm sure RF-X can be what it needs to be and I hope this next update is a big step towards that.

Right now I'm waiting for the new NVidia Volta cards to come out which should be what it takes to speed up RF-X to the point I can really enjoy it. I like it but it doesn't perform well enough for me to use it. So I'm staying with RF 7.5 for now.
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