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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
I can actually run RF-8 and VR on a i5 - 4200M (@2.50GHz) 16GB Ram and Intel HD4600 Graphics system very well. I don't know what to suggest about your text problem but it does run faster than 7.5 like you mentioned.

Seems RF-8 is even better at performance than 7.5
It seems to load a little faster, too.

I couldn't justify the $500 video card to get acceptable performance from X, and I had already returned X when I acquired the 760 for free. So I don't know whether I'd be OK with X now.

I don't have a VR system. But I might have to think about spending a similar amount for VR after Christmas. The biggest thing I've never liked about RF is the lack of situational awareness. It might be worth the bucks to get that.
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