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Received my copy today, too.

I installed RF8 today. The first launch went ok and everything seemed to work normally.
When I selected "Join" under multiplayer, I got an alert that stated I needed to update to
8.00.019. This was of little surprise to me.

So, I quit the program, relaunched and selected, "Update to latest version." The download
seemed normal, but now when I try to join a Multiplayer session, I get the following message:

"KEError 24052 Unrecognized online update method."

In addition, my McAfee security quarantined a LauncherHelper file during the first update
attempt. So, I uninstalled RF-8 and went through the installation process again - 2 more times,

Although I didn't see a quarantine notice again, I'm still getting the KEError 24052.

McAfee does not interfere with my RF-7.5 or its updates.

Any ideas?
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