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Personally, I hate scouring the web/YouTube for info - it's way too hit an miss and results in a lot of wasted time before you finally get to what you're looking for (if you ever find it). I find it very helpful that VFI takes all the guesswork out of it. Another factor that was touched on earlier, is how do you search for something you don't know exists? I'm new to heli's and have done my time on YouTube, but all I found for heli aerobatics was extreme 3D. I didn't even know that the style of flying Todd Bennett demo's in RF existed! That's an entire style of flying that would have been unknown to me had it not been for VFI.

PS. The hover trainer is awesome - I use it every day and it's made a world of difference! Multiplayer, not so much. Ditch MP, and put VFI in it's place.
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