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Originally Posted by TomC View Post
Sorry mate, unlike your last post, there was no flaming intended. I only meant it as a request for you to avoid asking the same ?'s over and over again.

Imho, even a newbie can successfully install and use RF8. All you need to do is read the startup and check that your pc meets requirements. Then, refer to the full realflight 8 manual that should be in your realflight/document folder (or google to find an online copy).

I'm sorry if any of this ruffles your feathers but biting the hand that tries to pull you out of the shark tank is not often a good idea, lol!

In any case, good luck and have fun.
I believe any hand biting was purely unintentional, and frankly more the other way around. Re-read my initial query and you will see it was simply whether to update to RF8. There were various opinions, all of which I replied to out of courtesy. The consensus was the latest version was worth it, so I bought it and have been trying to relearn whatever flying skills I once had. Other than that, my only other questions have had to do with Add-ons and Exp packs -- same thing: are they worth it, etc. If I have been repetitious, sorry, not my intention.

You seem to be an experienced user, so let me suggest that you try to do what may be a semi-impossible task. Try to recall when you first got RF (probably many years ago) and then when you tried to learn all about it. BTW, the last time I flew actual RC aircraft was decades ago, so I have little to go on. I was told at a local RC airfield that this program might help me attain some skills, so this is why I got it.

Thanks to all for your help -- bye for now.