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Originally Posted by JDH View Post
I believe any hand biting was purely unintentional, and frankly more the other way around. Re-read my initial query and you will see it was simply whether to update to RF8. There were various opinions, all of which I replied to out of courtesy. The consensus was the latest version was worth it, so I bought it and have been trying to relearn whatever flying skills I once had. Other than that, my only other questions have had to do with Add-ons and Exp packs -- same thing: are they worth it, etc. If I have been repetitious, sorry, not my intention.

You seem to be an experienced user, so let me suggest that you try to do what may be a semi-impossible task. Try to recall when you first got RF (probably many years ago) and then when you tried to learn all about it. BTW, the last time I flew actual RC aircraft was decades ago, so I have little to go on. I was told at a local RC airfield that this program might help me attain some skills, so this is why I got it.

Thanks to all for your help -- bye for now.
JDH, I`ve been there and done that, For what ever reason a lot newbies to the RF forums don`t get treated well IMHO, sad but true. I can tell you that RF was detrimental in teaching me and my son how to fly 4 channel (no wrecks yet ) SO, use it well, you`ll be happy with your results (hopefully) when you get to flying field. It`s great at teaching you the TX, flying away AND towards yourself and orientation.
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