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Originally Posted by TomC View Post
Detrimental = tend to cause harm. So kinda opposite of what you meant I think. Although, too much reliance on sims can be a little detrimental because it may lead to overconfidence.

I think that RF is a great tx stick trainer but you really only properly get trained up at the flying field imho.
Ha Ha TomC If you really looked up the word/definition, you would have found that it can be used in a negative context AS WELL as a POSITIVE context... search a little more and you`ll see I`m correct., BUT I repeat, RF was "detrimental" in teaching me how to fly 4 channel in the sim. as well as at the field. Smell what I`m stepping in now, The POSITIVE use of the word.... AND I (with respect) half way disagree with the latter part of your comment, use of the sim. only teaches confidence. NO wrecked planes in my house (thus far ) is proof enough for me. However, nothing beats flying at the field, I mean, Isn`t that the goal.
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