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Originally Posted by JDH View Post
My earlier experience with "real" RC was long ago, before the advent of personal computers in fact. So we had no learning tools -- just go out and try not to crash. Jump forward several decades, and I found a local flying field and the experienced pilots there suggested RF in an attempt to get me past exactly what you mentioned -- the flying toward oneself problem. So I will work with RF and hope to rub off some of the rust <g>.

On treatment in forums, 99% of the time most discussions have been courteous and helpful (and this dates back to the days of Compuserve). However, every so often a "flame war" would erupt when someone decided to be judgemental or argumentative. This is always sad to see.......
Originally Posted by JDH View Post
I'm not quite sure why anyone should be treated "firmly". At least among adults, I would suggest that this is no more appropriate in an online forum than it would be at a real face-to-face social gathering or party. Best behavior is, well..... best. As is often said, just my 2 cents.
I gotta say you really are a piece of work. Not only do you not contribute anything useful to this forum, you bash the guys who try to help.

You are not even a Newbie since you already have RF 4.5.

Sorry, just my $0.02 worth. lol! And a firm farwell.

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