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Great plane.

Physics were WAAY off though... excuse the following observations...

I've already corrected them in this file post.

This plane has a 15oz AUFW, but the posted model is over 2.2lbs AUW!

The 2% surfaces are incorrect as they don't produce the proper lift curves compared to the real thing, the Balsa Stab is actually far more appropriate.

To compensate for the extra weight the engine power was unrealistically increased (wrong resistance, IO, etc.), which also screws up my posted E-Flite Ultimate 3D FX, that uses the same engine.

The posted model tip stalls far too easily (again due to the weight and incorrect distribution thereof).

The attached file corrects all of this while bringing the plane back to it's actual physical flying characteristics.

Now it flies (and looks like!) like my real one.

Import and OVERWRITE existing files.

This will also correct the E-Flite Ultimate's Engine too.
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