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Blender-Deep Exploration export Tutorial.

OK, in this tutorial I will explain how to use Blender and DE to create a usable .3ds file for the 3ds2kex converter. This is much easier to do then with Gmax.

Here are the list of things you will need:
1. Blender
2. 3ds2kex converter from KEmax
3. Deep Exploration ver2.0 or grater
4. Gimp

Here are the places you can find these items:
1. Blender:
2. 3ds2kex can be found in KEmax:
3. Deep Exploration:
4. GIMP:

Please note that you will need GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment in order for GIMP to work.

Here are the parts of the tutorial:
1.1 setup of all the downloads.
1.2 testing to make sure everything works and is running properly.
2. Exporting and importing/using the 3ds2kex converter to get a .kex and .sup file.
2.1 .tga file for the Texture of the object using GIMP
3. Screen Shots
3.1 questions!

Please remember to download and go through everything 2 times first before asking questions about this tutorial!

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