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To create a file that DE can open we need to export our saved file something.blend. Remember to make sure your file is selected and export in .3ds format. Now this is a .3ds format file but it is not usable for the 3ds2kex converter. Now before we export and open our .3ds file in DE we need to name the box what ever you like as long as it starts with ~CS_. In DE you will find that long names are cut and that a letter is ofter placed in front of it. (screenshot 3). Now we need to know how to name our object. Once again in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen, you will see the letter OB: and a name there that says Box. We need to delete this name and rename it ~CS_BOX or what ever you like. Save your file and the you are set to export it. (screen shot 4; all screen shot are the last tutorial post). Now go to file>export>3D Studio>something.blend(your file you saved). Remember to always pick to export it in the same folder all your plane stuff will be in my opinion, but you don't have too. Now open DE. go to file>open>your file.3ds. Remember the .3ds file directly from Blender is of no use. No you should have you object in the window to your right. Rename and delete all sub folders to your object. Rename your object back to ~CS_... instead of o~CS_... as seen in screen shot 3.once you have this you will need to create a bit map or a texture file to go along with your object. First double click the materials folder and then the material, the material properties appears and under maps select a .tga file that we will make in the below post. Now we have our first step done, now do the same for the explorer default by clicking on the same file in the pull down menu. Also make sure that any other material was deleted first in order for it to work properly. Now we can go to file>save as>.3ds>save, but make sure that when the 3D Studio Mesh - Export Properties appears that you go to Texture Maps and select TARGA image for the convert textures to drop down menu because the 3ds2kex converter only excepts TARGA image or texture file (.tga)

OK now click OK and close DE. Now open the Command Prompt usually found under accessories in your start menu. You should open like this with it saying:
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
<C> Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\.........>
Now type this, C:\Documents and Settings\.........>cd Desktop

C:\Documents and Settings\.........\Desktop> appears. Now type 3ds2kex -v3 -s something.3ds with no spaces in between the>3ds2kex.

now this appears: Loading file something.3ds
Processing Materials
Material Material
Processing nodes
Node _Cube
Reading support file
Applying Properties
Applying Hierarchy
Removing pivot nodes
Applying node names
Counting polygons
RootFrame [0 polys]
_Cube [108 polys]
Writing kex
Model wing.kex has 108 polys

Remember to always save your something.3ds from DE to your Desktop. Now you should have two files: Something.kex and Something.sup

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