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How to: Download Files

Originally Posted by Vitek:

To ensure that you get the g3x file downloaded correctly...

Click the link for the g3x file.
Internet Explorer will ask if you want to Save, Open or Cancel. Click Save.

Internet Explorer will display the Save As dialog.

Near the bottom of the Save As dialog is the Save As Type combo box.

The default value of this field will be as a compressed folder... or ZIP file.

Change the Save As Type combo box to All Files, or put quotation marks around the file name in the File Name edit box.

Modify the name if necessary to be sure that it ends in .G3X

Click save.

By following the above steps you are effectively telling windows that you know what the type of the file actually is and you dont want it to change it automatically.

Do not extract the files from the G3X/ZIP and then try to import them. You are subverting the import/export system that is designed to make your life easier if you do.


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